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  Home > Blogs > Cotton-painted Summer Fashion Dress Interprets A Refreshing Ray Of Wind

Cotton-painted Summer Fashion Dress Interprets A Refreshing Ray Of Wind

  Add Date: 2020-6-23


In the dull summer, I like the coolness of the breeze, which touches the verdant green of the leaves, carrying the succulent breath of plants and trees, passing by in front of you, taking away the scorching sweat, making people more energetic to pursue the beauty.


Long and hot summer days, boys and girls who love to run will sweat sweat if they accidentally, how to wear a refreshing fashion sense? And look at the new summer products brought by the cotton-painted children's clothing brand, get close to nature, and feel at ease with Fenger.


A cluster of high-quality good cotton can absorb moisture and breathe, bringing a very comfortable skin touch, so the quality of summer clothes must not be poor, just like cotton painting, a dress made of natural good cotton, easy to put on and take off, Vibrant bright yellow scrub summer sleepiness, simple printing, decorated with creative patchwork, with brown cotton and linen shorts, as if going back to the old tree-covered trail in the country, chasing the mottled light and shadow.


The simple white comes with a refreshing visual sense, and a little color contrast can play an eye-catching role. The tailored version, light and thin fabrics bring a comfortable wearing experience, with blue loose shorts, interpreting the charm of nature. The teenager is like a gust of wind, running on the journey of exploring the world. Made from the ingenuity of cotton painting, every stitch and thread is not perfunctory.


Being close to nature is an irresistible emotion in every child’s heart. Cotton painting will wear the beautiful clothes that return to nature to the children, take care of the children’s childhood with love, and adhere to the design concepts of health, comfort, environmental protection, fashion, and individuality. Interpret the childhood of nature and art together with nature.


At four o'clock, Niaozi Zongzheng is new. In the fragrance of rice dumpling leaves, the Dragon Boat Festival is coming again~ Although it has passed a long enough winter holiday, but still looking forward to the three-day holiday of Dragon Boat Festival, is it the first time to try the dumplings with mom, or to participate with dad once What about dragon boat racing? No matter what activities you participate in, the little boys must wear their spirits and look handsome.


This striped T dress with nine-point pants is especially energetic! The two-tone stripe breaks the monotony of the T-shirt. The round neck has a small V split, which looks even more refreshing. The yellow twill webbing is decorated with a cloth sticker icon, which interprets the cute love in the baby's character, with a bright color system. Orange cropped pants, it's so energetic.


In "Insects" written by Jean-Henry Casimir Fabre, the world of insects is full of interesting little stories. Demonster records all kinds of small insects as prints on clothes, full of nature I feel that with the ginger overalls, the cool and handsome feeling can't be stopped.


The two-piece black-and-white T should also be tried, and you can easily wear the youthful sense of beauty. The white round neck short sleeves are refreshing and clean, and the black V-shaped vest is handsome and cool. Different lengths and styles make the visual sense more rich. With blue sports cotton pants, it seems that you can sweat on the sports field at any time and easily freeze. Handsome posture.

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