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  Home > Blogs > Which Side Of Your T-shirt To Wear For The Dragon Boat Festival?

Which Side Of Your T-shirt To Wear For The Dragon Boat Festival?

  Add Date: 2020-6-22

In early summer of June, the rice dumplings are overflowing, and the long-awaited Dragon Boat Festival is finally here. In a bunch of green leaves of rice dumplings, it is time for the sweet and sweet party to stand in line. Sweet vs. salty, where is your PINK? One?


I have been a man since childhood, always walking at the forefront of fashion, eating dumplings, of course, domineering oversized meat dumplings, soft glutinous glutinous rice, the fragrance of dumpling leaves, and fat but not greasy pork belly, bite down the full flavor. Just like Aiboyi's fashion play cool wear, purple round neck T-shirt with rich letter elements, round neck T with a little creative folds, with white shorts, full of layering, full of sense of taste, not greasy!


The bright orange color of the junior school depicts the early summer with a flamboyant look. The large-shoulder design is uninhibited, the loose version is full of fashion, the classic shape is deconstructed, the half-belt design is trendy and handsome, and the dark blue overalls are a casual and handsome look. . Straightforward, uninhibited, and brave are the masculinity of boys.



A triangular dumpling with colorful beans in it is sweet and delicious. No matter how hot the summer is, the sweet party boy can always maintain a fresh and refreshing image, as if the cool breeze brings comfort to people around him. The colorful ice cream color is made with tie-dye technology, with a smile face expression, fun letter design, to show the interesting soul under the fresh image, with white cotton shorts, Aibo is more distinctive with simple and simple.


Sweet rice dumplings always bring a charming flavor with a simple combination. How can some delicate sweet rice dumplings not be loved? The solid color round neck white T looks fashionable and stylish under the printed decoration. It is paired with ice silk casual shorts full of details, which gives a cool touch in summer and leaves a handsome and refreshing boy impression.


The rise of the market economy, the Father's Day ride the wind and waves, selling fashionable follow me, naughty babe fashion design new products, with you happy holiday!


Close to art at zero distance, live the true nature of childhood. Combined with the popular elements of the moment, the tie-dye design is used to show the modern fashion style.


Color block stitching, feel the colorful world. POLO collar sports skirt, bold use of color block elements, colorful, both fashionable and youthful.


Achieving the top of art is cool. It's complicated and simple, showing the popular collocation this year, cool design, cool to burst!


No trend, no youth, simplicity, fashion. Jane is high-end beauty, white T-shirt and contrasting shorts match, in a summer.


Father's Day and Dragon Boat Festival, welcome to "sell fashion" with us, multiple surprises to share with you.

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